What Makes You Notable For A Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the largest online Encyclopedia, which has its guidelines, criteria or requirements to be a part of it. The instructions are made to maintain the quality of the content/article.


There should be a significant amount of coverage and linked to the brand of the company/business to publish an article in Wikipedia. A Wikipedia content will always have reliable sources for its content. And reliability of the content will be as per the specific guidelines for different industries. Once the instruction is understood, then the article can be easily said whether it’s notable or not.

Significant coverage?    

The page in Wikipedia should have numerous sources with the business/person to be the center of attraction. This means that the article should discuss about the the subject of the “Wikipedia Page” in not less than 3 paragraphgs. For example passing mentions about a companies funding, or inclusion in a list of top 500 companies in your sector cannot be considered as significant coverage.Reliable Sources:A reliable source is anything that comes from a website with a proper editorial team. Company websites and press releases by the company cannot be taken as a relevant reference.    

Independent Sources:

An independent source means a publication that is not connected to the subject of article (has no conflict of interest). Information published on company websites, press releases by company and paid publications in magazines and news papers are considered as self published sources and cannot be used on Wikipedia.